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Perfect Choice Music Library
Using the Search Function
Crystal Salt
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Vinnie Zummo plays conga
Lava lamps

Search with multiple criteria


You can search for music by genre, tempo, key, title, keyword or composer.

These search functions are also available in your project page.


“This is a very direct and efficient search. You won’t have to be navigating through a million thumbnails to find what you are looking for.” 


The keyword search box allows you to use a mood or feeling word to drive your search result. This box also works if you want to hear a specific composer. Just type in their last name.


The Search Genres offers a dropdown of all of our currently offered genres or classifications.


You can search Instrumentation, Key and Tempo individually as well as in a group. So for example you could search for guitar at 120 beats per minute in the key of E.

Search functions on the home page

PCML Search Window
Search Result Window
PCML search result window

This was a search result for the genre/classification - Bittersweet.


The first piece in the result is A Sad Goodbye


Its library classification number is MML471. We’ll get into these in the Alternate Mixes and Production Packages tab.


The third column of the result is where you can see the key of the piece. There is also an option there to add it to your project page to be held for you between visits. 


The fourth column of the result shows the one word mood or feeling word assigned to the piece which provides an important clue when you are going through your search result.


Finally, the last column contains a short description of the piece and running time.


If you just don’t have time to search, we’ll be happy to do it at no charge. 

Enjoy your visit!

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