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Recording Services

Mastering your recording is it's own art form.

- Goals of album mastering -

  • Emphasizing common threads between pieces to help them feel like they belong together sonically.

  • Finding and mitigating bothersome resonances.

  • Establishing a good translation which simply means helping your music sound similar across many different listening environments. 

  • Sequencing the pieces of a collection or album helps to build the dynamic arc of the entire album. The rhythm of an album is also established by the spacing between pieces. It's an organic process that contributes to the personality of the record.

Soundcraft audio console

“It is sometimes truly astonishing how drastically a stereo sound file can change through the process of mastering. As for workflow, it is best to create breaks between sessions.

Coming back fresh enhances perspective and allows for quicker and clearer changes of the piece."

Gong talking drum
Man in a rainbow

Sometimes it is best to go back to the original mix to fix a problem.  Correcting a single element instead of punishing the entire mix. But if you can’t go back to your original session, you can still bring about great change in a stereo sound file through mastering.

Frame drum chimes shaker

"Andy is an extremely talented mastering engineer and such a pleasure to work with. He understands artists and how to communicate with them in order to create a truly collaborative partnership. Andy's vast knowledge and experience with all genres of music and its vast nuances are invaluable in ensuring each track and the entire album reach full sonic potential.  He goes out of his way to bring the artist's vision into audible reality. His passion for music is undeniable."

                                                                                  Joseph L Young

"I am extremely grateful for all the hard work and dedication Andy Mitran put in to master my most recent CD,  'The Wisdom of My Shadow' and to co-orchestrate my composition, 'The Dragon Within'.

Andy Mitran’s skills as a sound engineer are simply outstanding and he has truly mastered the art of elevating music to heights I never imagined. Andy is not only an incredible musician, recording artist and sound engineer, but an all-around nice guy as well. I could not have asked for a better collaborator on these projects — his expertise really brought my projects to life!"

                                                                                 Lisa Downing

The Dragon Within - by Lisa Downing
Into the Unknown - Joseph L Young
The Wisdom of My Shadow - Lisa Downing
Every Moment - Joseph L Young
Sweet Dreams - Music for Sleep -  MMA
Focus Zone -  Music for Studying - MMA
A Better Life -  Relax be Calm and Find Peace - MMA
Bad Wiring - Good Medicine
Consciously Creating Wellness - Louise Dimiceli-Mitran
Perihelion - Al Jewer & Andy Mitran
Transmigration - Al Jewer & Andy Mitran
Surrounding Sky - Al Jewer & Andy Mitran
Desert Light - Al Jewer & Andy Mitran
Music of the Earth - Al Jewer & Andy Mitran
Japanese Gardens - A Walk in Serenity - Al Jewer & Andy Mitran CD Cover.jpg
Two Trees - Al Jewer & Andy Mitran
Chicago Chill 1 - Al Jewer & Andy Mitran feat. Bob Lizik
Chicago Chill 2 - Al Jewer & Andy Mitran feat. Bob Lizik
Through the Mirror Darkly - Paul J. Kachoris and Andy Mitran
Wild Dreamin - Sabine Sauvage
Falling Free - Jaul Kachoris and Andy Mitran
Heavy Weather- Al Jewer & Andy Mitran
Road to Kingdom Come - Claxton Clay
High Lonesome - Mo Stanton
Night in America - Claxton Clay
Why and Wherefore - Al Jewer & Andy Mitran
A Masters Touch - Claxton Clay
S.O.S.O.B. - Mo Stanton
Amethyst  - Al Jewer & Andy Mitran feat. Hans Christian
Liar's Moon - Mo Stanton
Cleanin' Up - Claxton Clay
Emerald  - Al Jewer & Andy Mitran feat. Hans Christian
Stonewall - Mo Stanton
Moonstone - Al Jewer & Andy Mitran feat. Hans Christian
Christ Came Down to Vegas - Bad Wiring
Single Guy - Claxton Clay
A Christmas of the Heart - The Remberton Consort
Topaz - Al Jewer & Andy Mitran feat. Hans Christian
Mackie audio console from the side.
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