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Recording Services
Voice Over Production Services

World class voice over recording,

editing and production services.


Voice over recording for commercials, books-on-tape, podcasting, demos and foreign language translation, recording, syncing and subtitle services.

Andy evaluating a performance

“We have years of experience facilitating artists to be deeply comfortable in the studio and ready to create their best performances. We even provide an organic
Honey Crisp apple to every talent, in order to

create the perfect mucosal balance.”

Collaborating on timing of vocal delivery
Female talent on mic
Female VO on mic ready to record

The comfort of the artist is essential to create a clear, clean and convincing Voice Over performance. As the artist and producer are in separate rooms, the blend of sounds in the talent's headphones, microphone, reference audio and talk back mic level must be just right to illicit the best possible performance.   

Not every microphone matches every voice. We have fantastic microphones to match your voice, and world class pre-amplifiers to create the best possible sound.

Matt warming up
Veronica discussing the script
Audio console
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