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Recording Services
Artistry in a Technical World

We have created an excellent recording environment that will help you bring forth your best performances. 

Our experience spans decades.

We’ve helped scores of

artists express their musical and audio vision.

We are still working with many of them. 

Sunny day river trail 1

“Come record here! We love it when you visit. 

Anything is possible with your music.

Let’s explore it together."

Telefunken U47
Live Room
Gourd, talking drum and shakers
machine room
Control room from client couch

Start from the beginning, record all your tracks here, and let us take your project all the way.   Or, you can invite us

into your process at any point. 


Come here for our warm hospitality and great environment along the Chicago River, to track your best vocals, instruments or Voice Over. We have produced thousands of hours of vocals here. Our vocal editing skills are formidable.


Bring in your finished performances for mixing, either right here in our control room or in yours via remote. Remote linking methods have come a long way and can feel as if we are together in the control room during the mixing process.

We will ensure the capture of your best performance, beautifully.

  • World class microphones and pre-amplifiers.

  • Wonderful drum and percussion collection.

  • Acoustic instruments.

  • A stunning array of digital tools.

Recording control room

"I am extremely grateful for all the hard work and dedication Andy Mitran put in to master my most recent CD, '

'The Wisdom of My Shadow' and to co-orchestrate my composition, 'The Dragon Within.'

Andy Mitran’s skills as a sound engineer are simply outstanding and he has truly mastered the art of elevating music to heights I never imagined. Andy is not only an incredible musician, recording artist and sound engineer, but an all-around nice guy as well. I could not have asked for a better collaborator on these projects — his expertise really brought my projects to life!"

                                                              Lisa Downing

Main tracking keyboards
Andyamaha 2.jpg
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