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Artist Services
Music Production Consultations
Thinking about it.

What is the barrier to expressing your creativity?

  • Feeling bogged down by your equipment?

  • Trouble mixing your pieces?

  • Wanting to improve your understanding of the Mastering process?

  • Considering the best ways to release your music and build an audience? 

  • Vexed by current music marketing methods?

White Rocks

"It takes time, persistence and

the crafting of a great

personal process to get your

stars aligned."

Spiral Galaxy

Deciding where to start is our first step.

We can work together through your entire process, start to finish or

from any point you decide. We will tend your creative fire,

then take the next steps to realize your vision.

Chilean dramatic mountain range.
White Rocks

Making music is one thing but making it sound good is another altogether. It is a lifelong pursuit and is very deep and comprehensive. From the tools you use, how you use them and the mindset you embrace there is a world of possibility for you. Most of the things I’ve learned in my career have been because someone else spent time with me and helped me understand more about my craft. I take great pleasure in speaking with composers and musicians about how they can best manifest their music. It’s an exciting time to use today’s tools to make your own music. 


Work flow development is equally important. Having the ability to create music is one thing but doing it quickly and efficiently is something else. Your workflow should always be monitored.


Music, production and marketing are all daunting tasks. There are so many choices to make. Sometimes you just need someone to talk things over with”.

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