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Recording Services
Podcast Production

High production quality podcast production for content with

long-lasting relevance

Telefunken U47

“There are so many podcasts being created now – some have lasting relevance. These podcasts should sound fantastic, shouldn’t they?”

An audio session open on the digital audio workstation.

Most podcasts share content that is topical, momentary and lose relevance quickly. For these, the quality of a podcast produced on a laptop from your home is fine.  Sometimes though, the content of your podcast will have relevance well into the future. For these podcasts, having a state-of-the-art recording facility that has world class microphones and microphone preamplifiers is important so your voices sound amazing. Skilled dialog editing is just as necessary to provide the cleanest possible audio. 

Hand percussion, analog audio mixer, synth keyboard

We possess a unique skill and tool set

that gives us the ability to enliven

your podcasts with music created

in the moment


You can also use existing pieces from our large catalog of music ready for syncing. This creative flexibility is necessary to achieve the goal of making this podcast sound fantastic and uniquely your own.


As composers, we are aware of the rhythm and dynamic arc the podcast is asking for. We will serve it by  making choices that will build on, your vision.

Female VO on mic.
writing music on staff paper.
4 octave keylon marimba.
Mackie audio console from the side.
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