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New single Sapphire with Al Jewer and Hans Christian was released to worldwide streaming on 2/8/24

Album art for Sapphire single





Written by

Steve Sheppard

One World Music Radio


The duet of Al Jewer & Andy Mitran have been making their way through a musical catalogue of crystals for a while now, and each and every track has been a redolent subject matter of the very own energetic signature of each crystal, when of course you add the illustrious talents of Hans Christian into the mix, you are bound for ambient glory.

Here on this new single entitled Sapphire we have one of my personal favourites thus far, and speaking as one who has studied crystals I would say without doubt that this composition strikes the right tone for this gloriously beautiful object. The handsomely layered multi-instrumentalism by this team really nails every piece that they take on, and within this new single we have a delightfully deep cello of Christian, one that flows like the ever onward motion of a slow river of sound.

Al Jewer on flute always manifests something utterly transcendent, and on this new release that is raised a notch or two along the way and with the lush and textured synth pads of his long standing partner Andy Mitran, we have a piece that is deeply attractive. Sapphire is seen as a great curative crystal, and carries a healing vibration that is beneficial to the mind, bringing order and clarity where there is confusion, something the entire world needs now I would say, and with the release of this new offering from this trio of musical greatness, I have a sense, an energetic hint, that Sapphire by Al Jewer & Andy Mitran ft Hans Christian will be a power to be reckoned with in the charts in the weeks to come.

By: Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-NAMR Founder

For New Age Music Reviews, February 8, 2024

Al Jewer and Andy Mitran released their new track single today titled "Sapphire."

Al Jewer (Flutes), Hans Christian (Cellos), and Andy Mitran (Synths) combine their musical talents to formulate a stunning cornucopia of sound and color.

The sounds of a contemporary new age and ambient effort merge to signify the perfect marriage of sounds. With the help of their dear friend Hans Christian, who provides his cello, the track takes on an element of emotion that only that instrument can bring to the forefront. The flutes and synths are the layers for the cello to instinctively move into seamlessly, making the track a beautiful gem as the dedicated stone.

The "Sapphire" shines with perfect coloring, hues, and precision cuts, enhancing its beauty, as identified in this instrumental piece.

As Mother Earth delivers these beautiful gems, the musicians involved in the music put their talents into it and give it back to a listening audience. As usual, the experience of this music is lovely, and you will want to hear it more than once!


"Sapphire" sounds like a truly enchanting piece of music, with its blend of flutes, cellos, and soothing synth pads. The way you describe it as a dreamy tapestry that evokes calm and peaceful images is simply captivating. We are certain that our audience will be transported into a wakeful dream as they listen to this layered exploration.


We wish you all the success with the release of "Sapphire" and will put it into rotation as soon as possible. Stay well, keep creating amazing music, and know that we are here cheering you on every step of the way.



Warmest regards,


ELF Radio Moscow Team


Written by
Steve Sheppard from One World Music Radio


Al Jewer and Andy Mitran are back with their musical companion Hans Christian to bring us a fourth single, and a continuance of their journey through the world of scared gems with Topaz. Here is indeed a fascinating crystal and its metaphysical properties are equally intriguing too, as it is said that it promotes truth and forgiveness, expression, and the confidence to fulfil one’s aspirations. Topaz is also considered to have lunar connections, its colour and power waxing and waning in union with the moon’s cycle.

With all this being said, this new single that is just shy of six minutes, is a truly splendid voyage through the energies of Topaz, with Al on wind synths, Hans on his trusty cello, and Andy in the engine room bringing the drums, percussion, synths and brass, so all is set for a wonderful sojourn in this colourful and textured land of crystals.

The mood of the track reminds me in part of classic James Asher from the early part of the century, with a global fusion of indigenous and new age styled vibrations, there is also a sublime flow to the piece, the depth of Christian’s cello is something to enjoy, whilst the dynamic duo of Jewer and Mitran build, progress and manifest another creative and classy contemporary instrumental composition. This new offering is of the highest order, and one that surely has to be a massive hit for the artists.



"Sapphire" is the fifth single in the "Precious Stones Series" by Al Jewer (flutes) and Andy Mitran (synths) along with cellist Hans Christian. Quoting their promotional material: "'Sapphire' is a dreamy tapestry of flutes and cellos set in a bed of soothing synth pads and patterns that evoke calm, dreamy and peaceful images. A layered exploration like a wakeful dream." And that is, indeed, a very accurate description of this very smooth and hypnotic piece! Who couldn't use a gentle mind massage from time to time (or more often!)?!?! More ambient than melodic, the cello, flutes and synths float around and weave within each other, creating a rich listening experience with full attention or very easy-going background music that will make you feel better either way.


"Sapphire" can be downloaded or streamed on Amazon, Bandcamp and Apple Music/iTunes. It can also be streamed on Spotify and Pandora. Be sure to give it a listen!


Kathy Parsons



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