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Mitran Mitran Music LLC

Custom Composition

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"When the music has to be a perfect fit for your images and vision,

a perfect custom composition has the power to make a

project achieve its full potential."

Andy performing at ZMR color.jpeg
Marking up the score

Mitran Mitran Music creates dynamic, soulful music and sound design for all broadcast and interactive media. We’ve been doing so for over 30 years. Our business is built on quality, dependability, service and responsibility for helping you create a great product. We employ a unique set of skills, artistry and tools that are indistinguishable from magic.

Let us bring our experience and dedication

to your next project.

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Live string players

"Al and Andy have been instrumental in the development of our signature sound. We have leveraged both their creative and technical expertise, including concepting and creating jingles and also optimizing our studio output. We continue to work with Al and Andy and are glad they are part of our team."

                                                           Rivet News Radio - Rivet360

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"Andy, it is always great working with such a fine artist as yourself...that is why I continue to come back again and again for collaboration with you! There are few musicians whom I have come across, who can understand the feel of contemporary movement for dance and make it inspire as you do. You are truly an anointed artist who has been blessed with such a gift! Thanks for being an inspiration and a friend to the dance community and the arts community at large."

                                                                                                    Randy Duncan

                                            Choreographer/Board Member Dance For Life Chicago

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Finale DFL great shot.jpg
Dance For Life logo.jpg
Randy and Andy take bow.jpg
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