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Our web site's simplicity of use

is elegant and efficient.

We offer free searches and recommendations if you prefer.

Perfect Choice retains all of the master sessions for our tracks, which means we can customize any track for you quickly and affordably. If you need a specific element in a track that isn’t there, we can make that happen. Similarly, if there is an element in a track that you don’t want, we can make it disappear. 

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“Perfect Choice is a great place to license tracks. You know that you will receive excellent service and help from someone who will share in the

responsibility for your project's success.”

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Perfect Choice Music Library was founded by Andy Mitran and Al Jewer in 2011.


Fresh from writing hundreds of pieces for the Oprah Winfrey show from 2005-2010, Al and Andy decided to create a boutique production music library. Since then, many of these tracks have been placed on cable shows, daytime tv shows, game shows and documentaries.

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"Perfect Choice Music rocks! Talented songwriters and musicians combined with a complete understanding of what an editor wants from a music library, makes Perfect Choice, my first choice for every type of project.

The full rich sound of real instruments played by real musicians, impresses me every time. My favorite thing about their library is that they include multiple sub mixes, various lengths and stingers for each of their tracks, when you buy their production package. This gives me a ton of options and allows me to use their music to really help tell the story. My clients and I both recognize the quality and value that Perfect Choice offers."

Jeff Schwartz President, EditHead, LLC

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