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Recording Services
Language Translation Production
  • Language translation services

  • Recording, syncing and subtitle services

  • Custom subtitling service


Deliver your message to its intended community.

Over the years, we have recorded, edited and delivered

thousands of hours of foreign language translations for

many businesses across many industries.

Spanish VO talent
Female VO talent on mic
Dan Bulf on mic
Female VO talent on mic

Why is it critically important that your message should be delivered with the highest quality performance and

recording possible? 


“Because the quality of every performance in every language

is who you are to that market. 

We get that. We do that.  

We use native speakers that are appropriate

for the regions you are communicating with.”


There are recognizable common threads between all

Voice Over performances, regardless of the language being spoken. It’s easy to tell when the performer is delivering a high-quality and genuine performance and that helps us make the right choices for your project.

Female VO talent on mic

“We have years of experience
making artists comfort
able and ready to
create their best performances.

Record your talent here or from remote locations all over the world.

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