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Studio Consultations
Andy in his studio.
Moyo Slit Drum in studio control room.
Soundcraft audio console.
Open Cakewalk session

“Whether it’s a music room or a broadcast room, there are many choices.

We can help you navigate your process from plan to implementation."


Sometimes your studio is in a square or rectangular room. Strategic application of acoustic treatments can help that room to sound great. Reducing room slap back, and excessive live room sound is absolutely doable. 


Making sure that your speakers truthfully represent what you are recording by tuning the room after all the acoustic treatments are in place. The process of tuning consists of applying equalization to each channel independently to mitigate those sonic resonances that are a byproduct of your physical space.


We have developed acoustic treatment applications that leave less scarring on your walls when removed.

Andy's control room
Machine room of Andy's studio.
Vintage microphones.
Arial view of Andy's keyboard rig
White Rocks

"Al and Andy have been instrumental in the development of our signature sound. We have leveraged both their creative and technical expertise, including concepting and creating jingles and also optimizing our studio output. We continue to work with Al and Andy and are glad they are part of our team."

Rivet News Radio - Rivet360

Rivet360 logo.jpg
Rivet360 Studio 1 recording station.
Rivet 360 minimally invasive acoustic diffusers.
Acoustic Treatments  good.
Rivet studio 2 on Adams
Rivet360 Studio 1 on Adams
Rivet360 Studio 1 rack.
Rivet 360 double work station studio 2.

Since 2011 we have built

about 15 radio grade studios

for our good friends at


Arne's loft studio panorama.

Studios of good friends

Arne Andersen and Scott Wills

Telefunken U47 microphone.
Scott Wills control room.
Arial view of Arne's loft studio.
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