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Recording Services
Audio Restoration

Whether it is restoring the quality of rare, valuable recordings, resurrecting old performances no longer able to be re-performed, preserving your valuable memories or just making some older files sound better, we can bring your recordings back to life.

Two track master reel to reel tape deck.
Vinyl 33rpm album playing on a turntable
Old portable reel to reel tape threaded and running

Sometimes a new performance is not possible

“We have worked with vocalists who could no longer sing.

They had old “demo” recordingsthat didn’t have the best audio quality.

We were able to breathe new life into those files

and incorporate them into new music that sounds great.”

TDK cassette tape
two eight track tape cartridges
Tascam Portastudio
VHS video tape
Reel to reel portable tape deck.

Sometimes it’s for sentimental reasons.

We recently restored audio from a client’s parents wedding from 1951 recorded on 78rpm vinyl. 

Valuable memories on cassette or reel-to-reel tape can be digitized before the old media deteriorates.

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