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Crystal Salt
Andy on river bank

"Bringing your art into the world so it can find it's audience requires artists to take on more tasks than ever.

It's beyond difficult for any one of us to master every skill required to successfully bring our art into existence and into the world. Your best tool for learning is friendships and alliances."

White Rocks

"Whether it’s your creative process, your technological prowess, your ability to reach your market, or polishing your recording skills, no one said that you have to do everything on your own.  


Almost all of my successes in life have been because of good friends, family and other compassionate human beings. I would have been lost on my journey many times over without them."

Modular analog synth.
Modular analog synth.
White Rocks

Almost without noticing over the past several years, I started helping artists, friends and clients either build their recording rigs, polish their recording skills, develop a better workflow, break through creative blocks,  release their work into the world or just look at something differently. I have come to love this part of my work because I make so many great friends

along the way.

Oftentimes, just having someone to talk through your ideas with is invaluable. We are all better together and benefit from each other.

Crystal perspective
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