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Recording Services

"Let’s mix your next album or single together

Bring in your finished performances for mixing,

either right here or via remote.

Remote linking methods have come a long way

and can feel as if you are together in the studio

during the mixing process."


We provide audio finishing services for your broadcast or web product including your commercial, documentary or full length program. Our tools are indistinguishable from magic.  Our experience spans decades.

Woman with an ear trumpet

“Mixing is incredibly immersive. Hours pass like seconds in pursuit of the perfect mix. 

It’s an exciting ride from start to finish."

Soundcraft mixing console
Tactile Technology console close up
Outboard rack gear
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The mixing engineer is today’s equivalent to an orchestral conductor, taking elements of musical mosaics, polishing each one while keeping in mind the whole.  A recording can really come to life during the mixing process. It’s where magic can come into a piece of music.  


Music can travel great distances from one version of itself to another.  A piece can even jump genres based on the mix. The full mix might be a funk piece, but an alternate mix consisting of just the synth pads might be considered an ambient piece.     Alternate mixes create more tools for video or audio arts that allow them to craft a piece of any length. It can also afford an editor the ability to create a musical dynamic arc that can follow the images or set the pace for them.   


One of the most important elements of a successful mix is building in time for perspective – taking a break of even a short time and coming back fresh allows for a clear sense of perspective, and quicker decision-making about the big picture of the mix.    


Checking the translation of a mix is learning how well your mix sounds in different environments – your car, laptop, phone.  Accenting the threads between them can ensure the best translation possible.

Pink Sand

"I am extremely grateful for all the hard work and dedication Andy Mitran put in to master my most recent CD,

“The Wisdom of My Shadow” and to

co-orchestrate my composition,

"The Dragon Within".

Andy Mitran’s skills as a sound engineer are simply outstanding and he has truly mastered the art of elevating music to heights I never imagined. Andy is not only an incredible musician, recording artist and sound engineer, but an all-around nice guy as well. I could not have asked for a better collaborator on these projects — his expertise really brought my projects to life!"

                                                                       Lisa Downing

The Dragon Within (full orchestration) JPEG square.jpg
Side Mackie mixer
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