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Soundtracks for the Human Adventure

Andy considering a mix
Welcome to the new
Andy Mitran Music Site

"I look forward to helping you with all of your music related goals and keeping you informed about services offered, music released, and projects underway."

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Andy Mitran
Writing the score
Vocal microphone
A very comfortable control room
Stratocaster, leaf shaker and deer toes
Emmy Awards
Andyamaha 2.jpg

Andy has been making music throughout his career that has taken many paths to the ears of the world. Perhaps you have heard some of his music in commercials, documentary film, network television shows, cable shows or on your favorite New Age Music radio stations, satellite radio or streaming outlets.


“Through the years I have learned to wear many hats – an artist, musician, producer, mastering engineer, audio finishing mixer, and consultant. I am happy to wear any of them, or any combination of them in advancing your music or audio objectives. 


Whether I’m helping you find a piece of music for your film; creating one for your ad; working with you to create and bring your own music into the world; releasing calming and relaxing albums for you to stream on your favorite platform or manifesting your studio. It’s all music and I love it all”.

Acoustic guitar strumming
Female on microphone
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