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Perfect Choice Music Library
The Player
Crystal Salt
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Lava Lamps

Our player lives at the bottom of the page. There you will find the transport, next and previous buttons. The wave form is represented and will orient you to where in the piece you are and also will allow you to skip around the wave file.

The Perfect Choice Player

PCML player window

There is an Email Track to a Friend button and also an Add to Project Page button.

The Back button will return you to your previous search result. The back arrow on your browser will also do that.

Download a Free Preview Now

Download a preview from any player now and for free.

Paste it up into your project and make sure it's the right piece

for you before you license.


At the bottom right of the page, next to the speaker icon is the Download button. Just press it and your download will begin.

Enjoy your visit!

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