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Perfect Choice Music Library
Get a Quote - License and Download
Crystal Salt
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Click the image above to visit the site.
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trippy saxophone player

Get a Quote


First, press the Pricing tab at the top of the home page. You will be taken to

the Pricing Page.

Enter your details, check the boxes that describe your usage or usages, press submit and we will return your quote.


You only pay for what you need.

At the bottom of the pricing page you will

see three links in white.

The first will download a blank cue sheet.

The second lets you download our terms

and conditions. The third lets you

read our user's guide.



Pricing Form from the PCML site
Abstract glass structure

Once we have authorized your payment, your selection will be

enabled in your project page. Simply press the download button

to receive your hi res files, user’s agreement and blank cue sheet.


Notice the first selection in this image, One More Taste, is

not authorized for download but Quiet Rain is. 

Download Your Final Files

PCML project page showing authorization for one download

Enjoy your visit!

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