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Perfect Choice Music Library
Create Your Project Page
Crystal Salt
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Click the image above to visit the site.

Sign up and create your own Project Page


The very first thing that you should do is Join us then log in and create an account.

This will allow you to save music selections between visits and to share your selections directly with your team.

First, press the  JOIN US tab in the upper right of the main menu.

PCML home page top
You will be taken to the Sign Up page.
Become a member screenshot.jpg
Press the Login button to get to the  Login page
Login page

Enter your address in the email address field.

Create your password. Press Log In.

You will be taken to your personal Project Page.

Project page with one track in it

You can see in my project page, I have saved a piece of music.

MML552_Quiet Rain.


Notice the Email Address box at the bottom of your project page.

Enter an email address of your teammate, check the box in the email column of your song selection and instantly share your selection for efficient collaboration.


This is also where you can download versions of the piece to paste up with your video to be sure of your choice. It can also be used for a rhythmic editing guide early on in your project.


When you have made your final selection and have licensed the piece or pieces of your choice you will also download them from your project page.

Enjoy your visit!

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