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Alternate Mixes, Production Packages & Collections
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Alternate Mixes


Almost all of our pieces include alternate mixes such as band only, rhythm only, melody only, backgrounds only and various other combinations that make musical sense as part of your license. 


Why include them?


For several reasons.

One is to  allow you to build your own arrangement of the music to fit your imagery perfectly and to follow the dynamic arc of your piece. 


Another reason for these mixes is that sometimes a piece of music actually changes genres depending on the mix. For example, a backgrounds only mix of an EDM piece might become an ambient piece. 

Sometimes the piece that you really want is an alternate mix. The full mix might be too busy or perhaps the arrangement is too thick (having too many parts playing at once) for your piece.

It is really important to Listen to the alternate mixes when searching for a piece.

Woman with ear trumpet.
Basic prod pack, alt mixes only

Mix Designations

Pictured below is the most common package available showing a Full mix and five Alternate mixes. The amount of Alternate mixes per piece varies based on whether they make musical sense or not.


In the window you will see a three letter prefix for each mix description. This is how we characterize alternate mixes. This is what these designations mean.


  • FUL:3:20 Full mix. This stands for Full mix. All elements are sounding.


  • BDO:3:20 No Horns. This stands for Band only mix. It’s usually just the lead instrument that is omitted in a BDO mix. Sometimes there are a pair of instruments omitted because they share the lead role. The number to the right of the categorization is the running time. Then there are usually some more descriptive words to help you at a glance.


  • RHO:3:20 Bass and Drums. This stands for Rhythm only mix. Many times this is bass and drums or whatever the rhythmic driver of the piece is.


  • BGO:3:20. This stands for Backgrounds only mix. Think of synth pads, organ parts, string sections etc. These mixes are sometimes very unexpected and surprising.


  • LDO:3:20 Piano only. This stands for Lead only mix. Sometimes these mixes are thin enough not to get in the way of your dialog or other important sound elements, but musical enough to give you a great flavor. 


  • ALT:3:20 Bass, Drums and Synth. This stands for Alternate mix. Sometimes, like in this example there are multiple alt mixes.

Prod Package with bumpers


Pictured below is another search result showing another type of production package. This one includes Bumpers. Bumpers are mixes of a piece assembled and edited for broadcast times. 60s, 30s,20s,10s and Stingers. There is a bumper set for each of the alt mixes. These are created in ways that make musical sense and often aren’t just straight lifts of the piece. These can really speed you up if you just need a 30 for a spot or a stinger for a transition. This gives your piece continuity.
Production package with loops


Pictured below is the largest type of production package offered. In addition to alternate mixes, bumpers and stingers, this package also includes loops. There is a loop set for each of the alternate mixes.

These are great if you want to build your own version of the piece.


For each loop set (sometimes there are several in a single set) there is a loop end which you can just tack on to finish the piece cleanly. This allows you to linger in certain parts of the tune for as long as it serves your purpose.

Collections are a production package composed of 10 separate pieces of music that share the same genre. For example, Big Drums Collection, or Heavy Metal Collection.

Enjoy your visit!

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